Mon. Jan. 9th

Unit 3: Lesson 2

1. How do bones grow?

2. How are bones connected?

3. What are some injuries and disorders of the skeletal system?

Tues. Jan. 10th

Unit 3: lesson 2

1. Main functions of the skeletal system?

2. 3 types of muscle a. Smooth b. Cardiac c. Skeletal muscle

Wed. Jan. 11th

Unit 3: Lesson 2

1. Injuries & disorders

2. Benefits of exercise

Thurs. Jan. 12th

Unit 3: Lesson 2

Research: 1. Choose an injury or disease that can effect the muscular system.

2. Write an informative pamphlet about it.

3. Describe the symptoms of the disease or injury & treatment for it.

4. Include at least one image or visual in your pamphlet.

Due Tues. Jan 17th

Fri. Jan. 13th

Unit 3: Lesson 2

Continued from yesterday Thurs. Jan. 12