Mon. Feb. 13

Unit 3 - Voc. Test: Words have been on board since Dec. 14th.

H.W. Due: Assigned Fri. Feb. 3rd

Research: Find one report of a new discovery on cancer or new treatment or cure of a disease.
1. Summarize key points of summary
2.Include information of the discovery and what it encompasses.
3. Who made the discovery
4. How it came about.
5. How it changes what we know about the disease.

Tues. Feb. 14

Unit 3: Quiz

Wed. Feb. 15

Unit 3: Test

Thurs. Feb. 16

Unit 3: Benchmark Test (covering Units 1 - 3)

Fri. Feb. 17

Immunity, Disease, & Disorders

Unit 4: Lesson 1

1. What is your bodies defense system?

2. White cells that protect the body.

H. W. Due Today - COMPARE: Many systems you use every day send messages, such as e-mails & thermostats. Research an additional example of a system that sends and receives messages. Then create a chart and compare your system to the endocrine system.