Mon. Jan. 30

Unit 3: Lesson 4

Our Skeletal Frame - Skeletal & Muscular System (Review)

Tues. Jan. 31

Unit 3: lesson 4

Fuel in Food: Our Digestive System

Wed. Feb. 1

Unit 3: lesson 4

Breathe of Life: Our Respiratory System

Thurs. Feb. 2

Unit 3: Lesson 4

Pumping Life: the Circulatory System (Review -how it all connects and relates)

Fri. Feb. 3

Unit 3: Lesson 4

Toxic Waste

1. Functions of the excretory system

2. Organs in the Urinary system

3. How does the urinary system maintain homeostasis?

H.W. Research: Find one report of a new discovery in cancer prevention.Due Monday Feb. 13th

Summarize key points of discovery. Be sure to include:

1. Information about what discovery is.

2. Who made it.

3. How it was made.

4. How it changes what we know about cancer.