Mon. Jan 2

Unit 3: Lesson 1 Group Activity - Due Wednesday Jan 4th.

Critical Communication

1. Imagine you are a body system of a person outside on a cold day.

2. Present a dialogue between yourself and another body system.

3. Include information about how the systems' are related to the body.

Tues. Jan. 3

See Monday's assignment

Wed. Jan. 4

Unit 3: Lesson 1

Critical Communication - Presentation from Monday's assignment due.

Thurs. Jan. 5

Unit 3: Lesson 2

The Flexible Frame - Skeletal & Muscular System (video)

Fri. Jan. 6

Unit 3: Lesson 2

1. What are the main functions of the Skeletal System

a. Protection b. Storage c. Support d. Blood cell production e. Movement

2. Parts of a Skeletal System

a. Bones b. Ligaments c. Cartilage d. Minerals e. Connective Tissue f. Marrow